Liz LAURENT, Interior Architect & Designer for more than 22 years, has based her company «Liz Design» in CHAMBOURCY (Paris region) by offering tailor-made services in interior architecture, decoration, furniture design or accessories, personal shopper art and accessories, and consultative services before purchase of a property to analyze its potential.

A professionalism, which she makes available for her clients after having acquired a certain experience by travelling the world to carry out projects dedicated mainly to the luxury sector and its requirements.

Graduated from the Créad school in Lyon in interior architecture, improved by an internship in architecture in the United States, she «made her first weapons» in Monaco for the firm «GILARDINO INTERIOR » There, she works for an elite international clientele in the ultra luxury arena. A period rich in travels during which she finds her inspiration to realize various concepts, one of the specialties will be to create the high end boutiques for the prestigious jeweler «GRAFF DIAMONDS» throughout the world.

A frantic rhythm that she slows down for love by putting her suitcases in Avignon and then Paris where she works alongside Mr Yves POCHY architect «POCHY ARCHI» for 13 years, Liz collaborates in mainly high-end residential projects, working for the showbiz. Mas in Provence, villas in Corsica, apartments, lofts, offices, hotels… A diversity of style and realization very rich in teaching.


“Liz Design loves to work on all types of projects (small or large) that are passionate, this diversity drives her creation.”

From the creation to the realization, through the monitoring of the site, the respect of the budget and the deadlines, Liz Design takes charge of your project from A to Z, with precision, creativity and confidentiality.

“Liz Design, the conductor of the ORCHESTRA, carefully selects and coordinates all the stakeholders from the design office to the artisans, a real team work indispensable to guarantee the best”


Listening to customers, clients, Liz Design makes every property a «new» place: By studying spaces, volumes, materials, light, etc. it manages to create stylistic coherence and harmony in accordance with the needs expressed to it.

Because you are unique,
“Liz Design will make your property a place for you.”


No photos of the achievements will be visible
on this or other networks.


LIZ DESIGN respects privacy,
keeping each project unique,
respecting the taste and style of the customers.


Make you happy in your new setting where well-being reigns:

Listen attentively and have the great sensitivity to transcribe
all your desires.
Studying light, room orientation, proportions
and space volumes for better circulation
gaining in positive harmony.

You always give many possibilities and ideas.
It’s up to you.

You select the best teams:
For their quality of work, location (reducing transport cost), monitoring, maintenance, assurance & warranty, working capacity, timeliness, pricing, and product sustainability.

Ensure compliance with:

Strong enforcement of safety, hygiene, health protocols, recycling, and environmental standards


LiZ DESiGN makes your life easier : Creates, organizes, manages,
plans and controls the work. From the design to the delivery.

It’s up to you.


Desire to change your decor, ambiances, custom design of colors, materials, furniture, lighting, accessories, etc. without touching the volumes of the room.

Interior design, the most complete analysis, rethinking of spaces and volumes according to the best energy, functionality and aesthetics. Harmonizing colors, materials, furniture, accessories, objects, lighting… by playing with natural light, custom furniture creation, design and installation of furniture, lighting and accessories, etc.

Advice for a property, after conducting a study will give you the potential and an estimated approach to the work.

Custom-made, practical and aesthetic objects (furniture, accessories, lighting, carpets, mirrors, decorative panels, etc.) Selecting the best manufacturer for each category and fabricating to the highest standard.

You run out of time and ideas: custom selections for your interior and exterior decoration. Like paintings, art objects, lighting, furniture, accessories, carpets, linens, tableware, mirrors, etc.


Liz Design makes your life easier from the design to the realization:
Create, organize, manage, plan, estimate, respect budget and quality control of work.

At the first meeting, LiZ DESiGN will present her work, her performances, her methods.
The objective will be to know your project, your program and its specifications.
After this discussion, an estimated personalized study will be sent to you for
consideration of future collaboration.


France and international

(Mainly Paris, Paris Region, South France, Corsica…
Monaco, London, New York, Dubai, Beirut…)


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